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Clown senza frontiere: nei campi profughi per portare il sorriso ai bambini                                                            Valigia Blu

[tp no_translate=”y”]The clowns protecting Lebanese children from mines (Video)

BBC News, January 2015

Kuwaiti man brings comic relief to Syrian refugees
The National, Nov 2014

Clowning around in a time of war
Reuters, June 2014

Clowns Without Borders Brings Its Act To Conflict Zones To Let Kids Just Be Kids
Huffington Post, April 2014

For Syria’s children, clowns know laughing matters
Associated Press, 2014

Clowns help Syrian camp children smile for moment, 2014

In Pictures: Clowning around in Lebanon camps, 2014

Clowns Without Borders Go Into War Zones Armed Only with a Smile
Vice, Dec 2013

Clowns Without Borders-Healing with Laughter
Associated Press, 2013

Clowns Without Borders: entertaining children in crisis for 20 years – in pictures
The Guardian, 2013

Spanish clowns make refugees laugh
UNHCR, 2011

Clowns Without Borders brings laughs from New York to Haiti, Thailand, Cambodia
NY Daily News, 2009

Clowns without Borders in Haiti
Caribbean News Now, 2006